Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Positive stuff

One thing that really gets to me about being gay is the lack of mainstream visuals of romance/love between same-sex couples.  It seems that a lot of the media attention focuses on gay people that are either the supporting, stereotypically gay character on a tv show or on the news for equality issues.  Where's a young gay guy like myself to find examples of what love is between two men?  I sure did't have any growing up.

Back in September/October when I came out to my family I decided to google things like marriage equality, gay love, etc.  I came across these two videos that I watch every now and then to keep myself reminded that loving another dude in a romantic way is possible and that it'll hopefully happen for me someday 

I really like these vids.   Both equally powerful in their own ways.

Really like this one cause it shows somethings I've never really seen before - romantic love between two men.  Feel like it will all be okay when I see something like this.  Plus the dude waiting at the alter is mad hot!

This is another great vid

Feel like I can relate to this guy, especially the scene with his mom on her death bed.  Just hits home.  I think it's time.

Welp, hope you guys enjoyed those as much as I do.  That's about it for today.  Keep it real everybody.

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