Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Sup?  Sup, dudes?
So, politics, huh?  That's whack.  Politics are whack.  Sup with the whack politics, sup?

Hahaha alright well I hope all you guys got that "Friends" reference!  Don't we all love to hear about this topic.  Politics have always been fucked up and sadly it seems that this isn't changing, but getting worse.

First let me tell you all a little of where I'm coming from.  One year ago I was a Republican, like the rest of my family members, however they are all very socially liberal whereas I was very socially conservative.  I thought that if I went that way then I could make the gay go away.  I was 100% for "traditional marriages"  nooo way in hell did I think two people of the same gender should be allowed to be married.  "God made Adam and Eve, NOT, Adam and Steve".  Yeah I said that once...major facepalm.  I thought gay was a choice and that if I supported enough of the efforts against the LGBT community, I could help make all gay people go away.  Well that blew up in my face big time haha.  I can't believe that used to be my thought process.  It makes me wonder about all these politicians that share my old views......

Obviously there was a lot of self-loathing going on and I thought if I could "get rid of"  all the gay people then it wouldn't exist in myself.  I'm ashamed that I used to have this mindset but for sure am glad that its long gone!

My family is fiscally conservative but have always been socially liberal which puts us more in the Libertarian category.  We've only voted more on the Republican side for financial reasons.  Yes, we helped put Bush and Cheney in office.  I apologize on behalf of my family members hahaha.  I was dead set against Obama getting into office, but I see now what he has done and will continue to do for gay people, for me for that matter.  I still don't agree with some of his views on the fiscal front, but hell, he can take all of my money as long as he gives me my freedom.  Freedom to have equal rights in marriage and whatever the hell else straight people have that we don't.  I've gained a lot of respect for President Obama over the past year.  I sure hope he gets into office in the 2012 election and to be honest, I'm scared he won't.  Mad scared that Mitt Romney will get in and fuck everything up.

I just can't believe that we claim to be the land of freedom, the greatest country on earth, yet we can't even achieve equal rights for all of our population.  Doing a good old Google search I've found that Canada, Iceland, Spain, Argentina, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Belgium all have marriage equality.  So why not the United States?  I stumbled upon this article and always go back to it, just think its awesome and really drives home how mad ridiculous some American people are being.  Dear America: You Have a Gay Problem  ....Hope you guys enjoy the read, it's a realistic and intelligent approach to such a hot-button topic.

Later dudes!


  1. I've always kinda felt like Romney is more supportive of gay rights than he lets on "officially." Now if Santorum had been the nominee . . . that would have been something else entirely. I just read an article today about how Romney's campaign just hired an out gay man as a major spokesperson. Perhaps a sign of things to come, a more sane Republican party?

  2. Yeah I think he is too, but he speaks out against civils rights way too much for me to have trust in him. He was the gov of my state so his flip flopping is real shitty. Fuck man santorum is legit crazy! he scares the crap outta me haha! I'd like a more sane right wing but it doesn't seem to be going that way....I like Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico....now he's the shit! Wish he had a better chance!

  3. Active homophobes, as in people who have some sort of issue with gays/homosexuality, are themselves gay. I would know. I can relate to everything you wrong about being conservative and all that. I used to be like that, but "conservative" would be an understatement haha.
    It's sort of a fantasy of mine; how perfect would it be if the democratic party was confined purely to social and domestic issues, while the republican party is confined purely to fiscal and foreign affairs issues. Awesome.
    That way you can have fiscal responsibility AND freedom.

  4. Def agree dude, with everything in your comment! I was mad conservative before, socially, and I was fucked haha but uhh how can we make that fantasy come true, cause its been one of mine for a while now haha