Thursday, May 10, 2012

Election 2012

How's it going guys?

Thought I would do a quick post about something big in politics.  President Barack Obama has officially voiced his support for Marriage Equality!!!  This is huge dudes!!  He might just have this former Republican's vote! haha  Ideally I would be voting for Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico, his balance of conservative/liberal is right on imo, but we have to vote for the candidate that has the best chance to win and unfortunately Gov. Johnson isn't being given the attention he deserves..... 

Now, I'm not gonna pretend like I know the President's stance on all the issues, or that I would agree with them, because I know for sure that I don't on the fiscal side of things.  I also don't like the fact that I would pretty much be a 'one-issue voter'....  Buuttttt this could mean freedom.  Freedom that can't be bought or easily attained.  Imagine how sick it would be if marriage becomes legal for all of us across the USA!  

It's time.  I give the dude mad props for being on what I think is the right side of history!  Here's the link to the article in the WSJ:  Obama Says He Supports Gay Marriage 

Peace Homies and hope all is well with everyone

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Living the SWEETLIFE

Yoooo dudes

So this past weekend I hit up the Sweetlife Fest in Maryland, its a relatively new thing that started up a few years ago.  This year the line up was fucking incredible..........

On thursday a friend flew up from FL and on friday the two of us headed to the MA/CT line to pick up a two other friends to make the road trip down to Baltimore for the weekend.  On the way down we made a couple stops, one in Mount Kisco NY where my friends and I met this wicked friendly dude that worked at a pizza place, I was wearing a Bruins snapback and he was like "Yo, you wear that hat proud man!  The played their hearts out and just because they lost doesn't mean the fans should give up on them.  Good for you bro!"  I knew this trip was gonna be great, when a new yorker says that to a bostonian haha.  We made it Baltimore at around 8:30 to meet up with some friends for dinner in the Inner Harbor area and had a real good time catching up and just enjoying the scene.

Pratt Street Ale House, Baltimore

We left the city around 11:15 and headed to our hotel which was halfway between D.C. and Baltimore.  Hit the sack and woke up the next AM to set out for Sweetlifefest......this place was fuckin dope......copious amounts of booze and since my friends and I were VIP we had access to even better shit.  Not to mention there wasn't a person there who wasn't walking around with a joint or blunt in their hand.  The line up was unreal and I got to see some of my favorite bands perform.  It was so sick.  


Fun. started off the festival with some of their awesomeness with We Are Young, Some Nights and some other greats.  Went down to the pit for Fitz and the Tantrums who were sick.  And I'm a big fan of U.S. Royalty out of D.C.  their stuff's great imo and none of my friends really know them so it was great to just be in a crowd with all these other fans who just get it.

U.S. Royalty

After that show I hit up one of the bathrooms, needless to say they were fucking nasty as hell but hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go....not to mention the set up of this particular one was real weird, pretty sure I was pissing in a urinal that was practically in the middle of the room and their were tons of girls in there haha cause the line to their restrooms were mad they prolly got flashed some dick a few times lol butttt after that I headed out to meet up with my one of my buds and I saw the huge t-shirt stand so I decide to pick up a couple U.S. Royalty shirts and as I finish up paying I look to my right and the lead vocals dude is legit 10 feet from me!  So I go up to him and I'm like "Yo man, you guys are awesome, mind signing my shirt??"  He did and it was real solid to meet him and get his autograph!

After that I headed over to the VIP lounge to continue pumping my veins with gin and then saw The Shins and then it was time to settle in for KiD-fuckin-CuDi.....we some how managed to get sick seats 5 rows back from the pit despite the place being packed over capacity.  He made us wait a good 40 min before he came out, but oohhhhh dudes when he did it was maddd INSANE! he fuckin killed it!!!  It was so surreal to be there listen to all his songs that have inspired me, including the namesake of this blog; Soutrack 2 My Life, Up Up and Away, and Revofev.  I just felt like for a moment that I was connected with every single person around me in a higher way.  like we were all equal and just doin it together.  It was a mad cool feeling.

KiD CuDi

We ended up sharing some hits off our joints with the dudes around us and they were all super grateful.  Cudi continued on killing it song after song then he took his leave.  He said this show was exclusive and that he's not doing much right now so we all felt extra pumped cause of that.  After Cudi was Avicii and for some insane/stupid/momentary-lapse-in-judgement reason my friends and I didn't stay for that.  I wasn't too concerned with it at the time but then I saw the pics and videos online the next day and felt real bummed that we missed it.  But!!!  Avicii will be in Boston on June 15 and I fully plan on being there to watch him kill it in my favorite city!!  Man right now I am feelin goooood!

KiD CuDi

Met some real cool people that day and hope they all continue live the fucking Sweetlife all day every day!  It felt great to be a part of something again and to be having this un-fucking-real experience.  This is shit I've held myself back from in the past because of my anxiety and let me tell you guys, it didn't fucking exist this day and I felt more like me and more free than I ever have in my life.  My friends were wicked pumped that I did this and I was too.  I was for sure proud of myself and I knew more than anything that my mom was watching me, I really felt her.  I know she is proud of me for really starting to live....above all else, that's the greatest feeling.  For once, I owned a day of my life.

Very solid weekend.  Can't wait till SWEETLIFE FEST sister and her bf are gonna join my friends and I so it'll be real dope!

Welp, that's it for now dudes.  Keep it real!