Thursday, May 10, 2012

Election 2012

How's it going guys?

Thought I would do a quick post about something big in politics.  President Barack Obama has officially voiced his support for Marriage Equality!!!  This is huge dudes!!  He might just have this former Republican's vote! haha  Ideally I would be voting for Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico, his balance of conservative/liberal is right on imo, but we have to vote for the candidate that has the best chance to win and unfortunately Gov. Johnson isn't being given the attention he deserves..... 

Now, I'm not gonna pretend like I know the President's stance on all the issues, or that I would agree with them, because I know for sure that I don't on the fiscal side of things.  I also don't like the fact that I would pretty much be a 'one-issue voter'....  Buuttttt this could mean freedom.  Freedom that can't be bought or easily attained.  Imagine how sick it would be if marriage becomes legal for all of us across the USA!  

It's time.  I give the dude mad props for being on what I think is the right side of history!  Here's the link to the article in the WSJ:  Obama Says He Supports Gay Marriage 

Peace Homies and hope all is well with everyone


  1. agreed, its for sure a step towards the right direction. it sucks that its a package deal when voting for presidents haha should be able to piece the thing together like ordering a meal (if that analogy makes sense haha)

  2. totally makes sense and def agree! Too bad politics are so divided that different parties aren't able to work together like they used you.....we'll see what happens in the future though

  3. Good for you guys in the US! As the self-claimed 'land of the free' you can't stay behind! We already got a gay prime minister... and that's already paying off cuz after a guy has been gay-bashed to dead recently they're working on laws against it. Hate crimes (against gays but also blacks and other minorities) will be considered worse than 'normal' agression by the courts.
    (sidenote: do you realise Obama would be considered as more or less conservative if he was a politician over here? Always thought that's kind of funny)