Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Deep in the Closet and needs to learn English, IMHO

What's up dudes?

For all of you who follow sports (to any degree), specifically football,  I am sure you have heard about the recent anti-gay comments made by the 49ers Chris Culliver.  If you have not, here's the link to one of the many articles being written:  49ers' Chris Culliver: Openly gay player not welcome

It sounds to me like this guy is deep in the closet and needs to learn to speak English.  I am ashamed to say that I used to say similar things when I was in the closet and so do many other gay men who have not or cannot accept this part of themselves.  I am not meaning to sound like one of those gay guys who thinks anyone who is homophobic is automatically gay but, I just don't understand why else he would have so much hate towards gay men.  Unless he was possibly abused by a man, not necessarily a gay man, as a child.  That could at least be an explanation for his hate and discrimination (yes I watch Law & Order SVU).  What does everyone here think of his comments and the reasoning behind them?

As the article reads, it is crazy to me that the 49ers were the first NFL team to join the "It Gets Better" campaign just six months ago and now one of their players is spreading this kind of hate.  It's also clear, in my opinion, that his apology was solely for business purposes.  He found himself in the hot seat and I'm sure the pressure being put on him to do so was enormous.

The 49ers will play the Ravens this Sunday in the Super Bowl.  Brandon Ayanbadejo, linebacker for the Ravens is a very different man from Chris Culliver.  It turns out he is one of our greatest allies and here is an awesome article written about how he grew up and became so accepting of everyone's differences:  Standing Up at an Early Age  this guy sounds like a true champ.

Also, here's another article about former college football captain Brian Sims:  I read this one a while back and looked the dude up, he's a real stand up guy who is doing a lot for LGBT people.  Plus he's pretty hot....

Alright I know that's a lot of reading to do haha but I think it will all be worth your time, it goes beyond sports, showing us how great people can be.  I also think football should be played naked, and here is my reasoning:

Take it easy guys



  1. haha i smiled at the last line. worddd

    and yeah he really needs to learn english...this coming from a foreigner says a lot

  2. Bad english + homophobia screams "I WANT COCK".

    In all seriousness lol, I def reckon that the guys who are openly homophobic are closeted. In my experience, actual straight guys just don't care. Gays and gay sex aren't on their mind, at all. You can just imagine what was on Culliver's mind when he said that stuff haha.

    I would watch sports more if they were played naked.