Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas, Gay Bow Ties, and Cute Bakery Guy

Merry Christmas to all my fellow bloggers and readers!  Hope everyone had a great holiday with their families and friends.

This year was the first year without my mom, but it wasn't nearly as hard has we thought it would be, mainly because we felt her with us the whole day.  Unfortunately I spent most of the day by myself, having woken up Christmas morning with the flu or some type of similar virus, I wasn't able to join my dad and sister at my aunt and uncles house down the road.  It was all good though, I had a solid time resting on my couch next to a roaring fire, while watching Elf haha.  To be honest I also enjoyed a good jerk off sesh.  I finally had the house to myself for the first time in a few weeks so I didn't have to be careful about being loud and shit.  Also, we had a white Christmas so aside from being sick it was a pretty great day for me haha.

Christmas has always been big in my house, my dad had a father who wasn't really around all that much, especially on the holidays.  He made the promise that he would always give my sister and I the memories he wish he had grown up with.  He has always followed through.  We're more grateful than ever this year because he was able to do it all, even without my mom.  We all gave each other some great gifts, some being really meaningful.

The best gift I got this year was from my sister, it's a bow tie.  Not just any bow tie, it was one from actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson's (Modern Family) line of bow ties called Tie the Knot.  100% of the proceeds benefit the fight for Marriage Equality in the US.  The link: 

She chose the green/purple plaid in the top right because 
those were my mom's favorite colors, so she made it even more meaningful.

This years line is sold out (I got the second to last one) but they have another line coming out in February 2013.  I think its fucking awesome that my sister did this for me, she knows I love to rock a bow tie from time to time. That she chose something that had deep meaning behind it well, made it possibly one of the best gifts I've ever been given.

Now on to cute bakery nothing happened between us, well at least nothing sexual.  It was my sister's birthday and I stopped at a local bakery a couple towns over to pick up her cake.  I walk in and there were a couple of good looking dudes working the kitchen which is open to the front of the store.  The guy I was most attracted to immediately welcomed me in and started talking with me, asking my needs, etc.  Then the owner comes out, great lady btw.  We're talking and I'm making all these wise-ass comments about my sister and how high-maintence she is and I'm cracking the guy up.  He's laughing at everything I say and he just keeps looking over at me, even though he was supposed to be doing other things.  So I continue on being the witty guy I am and start talking directly to him and we begin what I would consider to be flirting, dunno if he saw it that way, but it sure felt like it to me.  He tells me to have a great night and I head off to my sister's birthday dinner feeling confident as hell.

I go back there a few days later because I have a friend's Christmas party to go to and I need to bring dessert so I figured, what the hell, I'll go back to [insert name of bakery here].  I walk in and he's there again, he helps me out and as I'm leaving he makes a point to say "Have a great holiday, man."  I didn't know if I was reading too much into it all, but when he said that to me as I was leaving it felt sincere, like he really wanted me to have a great holiday.  Anyway it was a big deal for me, mainly because I've always lacked confidence, but all of a sudden as I'm standing there talking to this guy I realize this is a holy-shit-ive-never-had-this-kind-of-confidence moment.  I just went with it and to be honest, felt a little empowered.

That's all men.  Hope you all are doing well.


  1. I find it very exciting and empowering as well to start (mildly) flirting with other guys. Definitely is a confidence booster :) Good luck!!

  2. The gift your sister gave you is awesome. Definitely smart! Those types of gifts are the best.

  3. Bow ties rock! The house to yourself rolls. A great holiday is a gift. And when is the next trip to the bakery to try to sample the de-lucious buns? Happy New Year!

  4. @JF definitely is dude and thanks!

    @Brotastic for sure, it's something I'll have forever and it will always have significance in my life.

    @OBNS they certainly do my man. Well, NYE is coming up, maybe I'll just have to make that trip and pick up something for the party I'm attending, hopefully it'll be the dude would I like to flip him on his back and fuck the shit out of him....