Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Iceland and Back

Iceland turned into a nightmare for my family.  We actually had to secretly leave in the middle of the night, three days into the trip, to get away from my dad's sister and her family.

I won't go into a lot of detail.  I would be sitting here for hours.  Basically we've always had some issues with my dad's sister, some my dad kept from my sister and I to protect us.  But we became close enough that I felt I could trust her with my biggest secret, that I'm gay.  Turns out she had us all fooled and is really a two-faced, lying, opportunistic cunt.  Yep dudes I said it, and I said it to her face friday night when she was emotionally and mentally torturing my family for hours.

A fight broke out when my dad's sister started texting him privately from her bathroom so her daughter and husband wouldn't know.  My dad went to their house and confronted her.  He left and we locked ourselves in our house.  She stormed over, my dad opened the door to tell her to leave and she forced her way in....

She told us exactly what she thought of us individually as people, as a family, my parent's marriage, and what she thought of my dead mother all these years.  She was calling her a fucking bitch, saying she wasn't a good wife or mother (creating lies) and basically desecrating a woman who wasn't there to defend herself.  My father (who is vehemently against violence towards women) slapped her across the face when she started to tear apart my mom and our memory of her.  The slap was %150 warranted and she slapped him twice back to get even.  This woman has a severe mental illness.  Different things that didn't make sense throughout the years all came together that night to bring us to this conclusion.  She was going between being eerily calm, then psychotic, then calm, then psychotic.

We said nothing during this huge fight that attacked her family or her except for saying things like "you fucking cunt", "get the fuck out you bitch", and "you're fucking crazy".  I did bring her and her husband's abusive marriage up and that was only after she threatened to out me.  However, everything she was saying was calculated.  Almost like she had everything bullet pointed in a notebook.  She was bringing things that pissed her off from 25+ years ago, including being angry about my dad getting married.  See dudes, NO ONE can be closer to my dad than her, not my mom, not me, not my sister.  That night we found out that she caused a major rift between us and our grandmother.  She was making up lies about my parent's marriage that my sister and I know weren't true.  She was making up other stuff that spewing out these stories like that were truth.  Scary thing is, they were her truth, but they were all lies.

Aside from ripping apart my mom, the next worst thing she did was threaten to out me to our family.  I let her in to the most vulnerable part of my life and trusted her and she threatened to use it against me.  I felt violated, we all did.  We felt and still feel like we were mentally and emotionally tortured and raped by this woman.  The only reason we didn't call the police on her was because my father slapped her and I knew she would play victim the minute they arrived.  We were finally able to get her out of our house at 3:30AM, the fight started at 11:30PM.

We sat in darkness packing everything we had.  We drove our car, lights off, down the driveway so she wouldn't see us (she was in the house next to ours).  We packed everything into the car, went back into the house and tried to find a hotel in Reykjavik.  Everything was booked except for one hotel that was like a Motel 6.  We left the house and went to the hotel at around 5AM, it was bright white in the room, felt like a sterile hospital room or a bunker.  We were able to get a few hours of sleep until leaving there at 11AM and heading to the airport.  When we got the airport we were able to book the last four seats on the only flight leaving that day.  They were all in the same row, like they were meant for us.

Needless to say we will never speak to her again.  We are done forever with her and her asshole of a husband.  Her son is like an older brother to me and her daughter, like a younger sister.  I'm not sure if I will ever see them again.  And for all I know she could have outed me to them.  If thats the case, then I've been robbed of something that none of us deserve to have taken from us; the experience of telling those we care about the most.

They say that there are two sides to every story and the truth.  Literally, in this case, there is her side of the story and ours: the truth.  She was like an uncaged animal that we couldn't get a hold of.  No lie, aside from the throw up, it was like a seen out of The Exorcist.  We were dealing with levels of insanity that we have never seen before in our lives.  My sister's boyfriend was in shock.  We felt like it was a dream, that something like this couldn't have actually happened to us.  But it did and even though it was so traumatic for us, we feel angry, sad, violated, happy, and free.  Like a weight has been lifted in our lives.  Especially after my father told us things about her that he had been trying to protect us from in the past.

We are just grateful to be back in our house in the states, safe and happy, with family around us that cares.

Hope all you guys are doing well.



  1. I'm so sorry that had to happen, especially on a trip you were so looking forward to. Family drama sucks, but at least if your dad's sister is out of the picture now, you all can get back to your lives and breathe a little easier.

  2. I only read this now, man that seriously fucking sucks! Especially on a trip you looked forward to for so long :-(
    But it seems you all care for each other and she couldn't split a fight between you all. It shows you really can rely on each other. I hope you soon get some alternative fun wether that be a trip or not. Take care man!

  3. Holy shit dude, that sounds like a terrible experience. And I thought my family was crazy...
    I hope you're doing alright.