Friday, September 21, 2012

I like guys who like guys....

UPDATE:  Wrote this when I was prob too tired to post so I did some slight editing.

But what type of guy who likes guys do I like?

eyo my dudes!  So I thought I'd post about the types of guys I'm attracted to....not just guys I find hot but guys that are really my type and qualities I'd like them to have.

Type.  I'm really into guys that are kinda outdoorsy but mainly prep....more relaxed and go-with-the-flow than say, myself (I'm more or less the typical uptight prep/new englander, for lack of a better term) and I'd like for the guy I end up with to balance me out and help me loosen up a bit.  And I'm not just talking about dressing these ways, I'm talking guys who pretty much fit into the whole lifestyle.

Sense of Humor.  I really dig on dudes that have a great sense or humor (I know cliche, but it is what it is).  I have a great sense of humor, real dry and sarcastic and I'd like for the guy I'm with to be able to get it and go along with that.   I hate when people take things too literal or serious and don't take time to have some fun everyday.

Trustworthy.  The one quality I am most proud of in myself is being a damn good friend and a trustworthy one at that.  I've been fucked over in the past by friends, so trust is HUGE with me.  When I say you can trust me, I mean it, if you confide in me you can be damn sure that its not going any further than my ears.  I don't talk shit about my friends, so I except the same from others.  If you're thinking I have trust issues, you'd be correct.  I tend to trust very few and am always questioning people's intentions, no matter how good they may be.  So whoever I am with better be just like me in this regard or its not gonna work.

Good looking.  He's gotta be good looking and have a good body, no question.  I don't care if that makes me shallow, but I've been told that I'm good looking, hot, handsome, cute, etc (you get the point, not trying to brag, really I'm not)  so I expect that I will meet someone like that as well.  After all, I'm not working my ass off four days a week with two personal trainers and getting cardio in nearly every day to end up with a dude who doesn't take care of himself.  I'm really attracted to rugged good looks, facial scruff or beard but the clean cut look is great once in a while, especially if he looks like he's from Sweden (I'm also a sucker for blonds).  I'm really only attracted to white guys, but I'm def open to other ethnicities.  Not trying to sound racist, thats just always where my primary attraction has been.

Dapper Dude.  Any dude I'm with should know how to dress for any occasion.  Whether he needs to be in a dinner jacket (also known as a tuxedo), a sport coat or navy blazer, or just something casual for a cookout.  He needs to know what to where, when.  If he doesn't, I can help him out, even though I hate shopping.  I grew up in a family where there was a lot of pressure to dress properly for different things so its something that I've come to expect out of others.

Intelligent.  This one should speak for itself.  Have some common sense, have some book smarts.  Be able to keep a good conversation going.  But for God's sake don't be boring, that won't fly with me.

Athletic.  Not that I'm a huge athlete, far from it as you know from past posts.  But, I've been getting more into doing the sports oriented things that I've held myself back from in the past and I'd like a guy that I can grow my athleticism with.  I'd like a dude that could teach me a thing or two.  I'd like a dude that I could workout with.  Someone I can watch the Bruins, the Cannons, or the Pats with.  If he happens to be a Polo player then just fucking call it a done deal.  I don't know what it is but NOTHING is sexier to me than a man in Polo uniform swinging a mallet on top of a horse (one of my favorite animals).  A guy I can go hiking, sailing, or kayaking with.  Liking nature and the outdoors is definitely a good quality.

A dude.  I want the guy I'm with to be a regular dude.  A guy who, like myself, you wouldn't expect to be gay.  I think its mad sexy when two bros are together, even if its just walking down the street holding hands.  That's what seems natural to me.  I don't identify with most gay guys (obvious ones) that you see in public, its the ones that blend in with our straight brothers that I can most identify with.  He doesn't have to be some macho meathead, that is a major turnoff for me.  I like a guy that I can just chill with.  A guy I can rough-house and joke around with.  I'm not gonna go into detail on the obvious: deep voice, masc. looks, etc.  That stuff is a given.

Confident.  I've always lacked this.  However, I'm building it up and I've come pretty far from where I was, even just a few months ago.  I know how mentally and emotionally draining a lack of confidence can be so I want the dude I'm with to be a confident one.  That way we can feed off each others strength.

Globetrotter.  I love traveling.  Therefore the guy I'm attracted will hopefully like to travel, to see the world.  But not as a typical tourist, as someone who likes to submerge himself into the culture and get to know some locals.

Good Guy.  Probably the most important.  He has to be a good guy.  Someone who is genuinely nice, can hang out with my friends and family, and get along with everyone in my life.  Treats not only me, but also others with respect.

So there you have it, my list of what I find attractive in other guys, in no particular order.  I know theres no perfect guy out there, but this to me is a pretty reasonable list.

These guys played a couple on a show my mom used to watch.  The one on the left is Scott Evans, he's gay in real life and brother to Chris Evans.  I caught an episode one time and what they had in that show is what I want someday, this pic is an example of that.

Take it easy guys, and hope you enjoyed the post! 


  1. you just described me... hahaha jk

  2. You just described 95% of the Danish male population.

  3. True about the sense of humor. Nothing is a bigger pain in the ass than when someone takes everything literally and doesn't 'get' sarcasm. Instant turn off. You can forgive a bit of stupidity, but I find that no sense of humor stems from a bad personality. Something not worth dealing with.

  4. well, the " typical uptight prep New Englander" does it for me, although knowing the difference between a diner jacket (white) and a tuxedo (black) is something I would have thought would be inbred.

    Loved the post.

    btw, I am rooting for you and Socrkid to get together. You would light up the world together.

    1. Hahaha great comment man....well actually, as I've always known it (from my family), the white dinner jacket is used sometimes for warmer weather. The black dinner jacket is used for all other times.