Thursday, March 29, 2012

On a New Track in Life

Hey guys!  How's everybody doing?

So lately I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, basically just a whole bunch of stuff I don't wish on anyone.  I have made the decision to be on a new track and channel all of my emotions into bettering myself.  I want to be the best that I can be at whatever it is I do.  One issue I have is that I tend to think too far into the future, and too much about everything that is going on and/or creating [negative] situations in my mind that have't happened, and probably will not.  So my therapist suggested that I write down a maximum of two goals, possibly three.  The third being one for the horizon.  I decided to only write down two.  The second goal was starting to add more anxiety so I thought it best to just leave it at two things that are most important to me for living a better life.

Goal #1
To be Physically Fit and Healthy:

- Personal Training - Each week I will be working with two personal trainers, three times per week.  During these forty-five minute sessions I will be doing a variety to exercises including, flexibility, aerobic, and anaerobic exercises to work all parts of my body.  This will ensure that I will get a well balanced work-out.  On days that I am not working out at the gym I will be doing cardio on my own, at a level my trainers recommend.

- Change Eating Habits - Each day I will be making a conscious decision to eat healthier, lean foods that will contribute to my weight goals as well as my overall well-being.  To make better decisions as to what I am feeding my body, I will be meeting with one of my trainers, who is also a nutritionist, one additional time per week.  We will go over a food-log that I have started keeping as well as discussing healthy food and drink options.

- Sports - As I become more physically fit and feel healthier I will began to pick up sports that I once participated in, such as tennis and sailing.  In addition, I will be picking up lessons in squash and lacrosse. I will also be biking and hiking when time allows.

What I am hoping to achieve from this goal is an overall boost in confidence level, a clearer mind, and to have better control of my social anxiety.  I really believe that being physically fit and healthy goes beyond just having a good body, its about how you feel overall physically and mentally.  On that note, I def won't  be giving up all of my favorite foods.  A guys gotta enjoy life and who doesn't love a good steak or burrito every now and then?

Goal #2
Continue Education:

- College Visits - Once Goal #1 is well underway and I am experiencing heightened confidence levels, less social anxiety, and have a clearer head on my shoulders I will begin the process of revisiting, and ultimately applying to colleges that I feel will best suit my academic and social needs.

- Finish Remaining Three Years - After applying and hopefully being accepted into the schools of my choice I will choose a college that I know will fit my needs.  A place where I feel comfortable and welcomed.  I will work hard, choose a major based on passion, not need, and ultimately graduate.

- Grad School - This shouldn't be difficult as long as I work to the best of my ability.

Alright, there they are.  It is now or never and the decision is NOW!  After the past three years of taking care of my mother, three years I wouldn't trade for anything in the world, I now what to live my life and finally do me.  It's what I want and it is want my mom wanted.  I am also hoping to be doing more traveling this year, for those who haven't traveled, it can be an awesome way to boost confidence and gain a real sense of independence.  That's it for today.



  1. Hey man,

    If I can give you a tiny little advice... don't start all this at once!

    Maybe it's only 2 main goals, but you're talking about a shitload of aspects to change including actually about everything in your whole daily routine. Don't underestimate all those things. Going back to school and doing all those sports and workout... it will be tough as hell or you are superman ;) I guess it's better to start with one sport/fitness class for serious and do the other things from time to time, more as recreation. It's not funny anymore if every minute is planned with activities, you need some real free time to chill and relax too.

  2. Duuude hell no I'm not taking on all this at once! hahaha I won't be heading back to school probs until fall 2013. I'm starting with the get healthier phase then moving into everything else gradually. Although I am picking up tennis again the in the next couple weeks, I won't be starting lax until summer, and it'll only be the basics. Squash won't come until further down the road. And sailing, well thats a whenever I feel like it kind of thing....theres nothing that can clear my mind like being out on the ocean. It does something to me that nothing else can. All this stuff is def just for recreation right now, and we'll see where it goes from there.

    And I've already starting with my two personal trainers and am loving it man! It feels so good to be back at it, the dudes are both my age so we get along great.

    Trust me I am the king of chill haha theres no way I'm not gonna leave time to relax, especially during summertime.

  3. I definitely share some of your attributes, such as a tendency to over-think and to freak myself out over future possibilities. Keeping my mind in the "now" is something I've been working on lately. Those are some good goals man, I wish you the best in achieving them!

  4. Its the worst man! Sometimes I just wanna smack myself in the head in hopes all the bad thoughts fall out hahaha. I'm working on the same thing, cause if I don't, I will legit go crazy! And thanks I think they are pretty solid and I plan on taking my time with them so I can give each one my all.